Ohinamatsuri special diner

Yasukon Keittiö offers a special diner to celebrate this year's girls day. The diner will be on Sunday 23rd of March starting at 13:00. Please make a reservation the latest on 15 March by sending an email to yasukonkeittio@hotmail.co.jp. Cancellation are only acceptable until the 20th of March by sending an email. The price is 35€ per person. Welcome!

Japanese osechi - new years meal

Sunday 26.1.2014 at 13:00. 

Max. 10 people, 35€ per person. 

Please make a reservation the latest on 22 January by sending an email to yasukonkeittio@hotmail.co.jp.

Yasuko Kitchen movie night

Fri 11/10/2013 at 18:30 is back

After a long time, another movie night returns to Yasuko kitchen on Friday the 11th of October, starting at 18:30.

This time the Japanese movie "Fura girl" will be view. Do note it will not have any subtitles. The evening will be enjoyed with some light Japanese snacks.

Price is € 10.

Please register by e-mail the latest on Wednesday the 9th of October 2013.

Welcome to some more practive of your Japanese language skils!

Japanese brunch (Sun 29.9.2013, 12:00 - 15:00)

On Sunday 29 Sept 2013 at 12:00 - 15:00, you can come to Yasuko kitchen to enjoy a Japanese breakfast 

Breakfast includes 12 different Japanese breakfast dishes, with all the ingredients sourced from Finland.

If you like to enjoy this Japanese brunch, please reserve a seat before Thursday  26 September 2013 by

Introduction to Japanese tea, Chado (Mon 16.9, 18:00)

Chado sceneOn Monday September 16th at 6PM there’s an introduction to Japanese Tea (Chado) at Yasukon Keittiö! Those interested in the beginners’ course starting on September 23rd can try out things that will be taught at the course, but registration for the course is not required. Participation fee 5€ (includes tea and sweets).

You can register for this introduction by or on facebook.



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30 March 2008 Hinamatsuri special diner

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24 Maaliskuu 2007 Magician Tatu Tyni & Yasuko’s Sushi