Why Japanese home-style cooking in Finland?

Japanese food, especially sushi, is widely know around the world, and even tempura and yakitori are known by many.  Sushi is, however, not the only food the Japanese cuisine has to offer. Japanese food culture is very broad and deeply infused with a sense of beauty, harmony and perfection. This culture applies to both restaurant food and the food Japanese people enjoy at home, which shows how passionate many Japanese people are about their food.

For example, during new year in January, or during events such as the doll festival "Setsubun" in March, and many other national holidays on the Japanese calendar, Japanese people enjoy special home-style cooked food together in celebration. This food is very seasonal and often specific to the occassion, but always delicious and rich in flavour.

By opening a restaurant I hope to let people experience and enjoy some of the home-style food culture that Japan has to offer, and let people get better acquanted with its variety and its depth.


Why Finland?

It all started when a Finnish woman came to visit me and my family about 30 years ago. We became good friends and we took the family on a trip around the world in 1982, with Helsinki being our first stop.

During this trip it became clear that many Japanese people in this organised tour would have liked to explore Finland more independently. Unfortunately, due to language and cultural barriers thís was nearly impossible.

Due to this, the idea formed in my mind to somehow help such cultural exchange between Finns and Japanese people and create a deeper understanding and communication between both. This is why, together with some Finnish partners, I started a Japanese restaurant serving home-style food.